Thalasso Einzelanwendungen

Let yourself be led back to the source of life: the sea!
Experience the power of sea water and algae with its healing minerals and trace elements and after just one week discover a feeling of well-being that you have never experienced before with a lasting effect.

To detoxify and lose weight

Detox wrap

“The start button” for detoxification, stimulates the lymph
approx. 60 min.
€ 65,50

“Minceur” wrap

“To wind up” the metabolism, supports weight loss
approx. 60 min.  € 65,50

“Tri-Actif” wrap

“3-fold effectiveness”, the crème de la crème of algae.  Cleansing, purifying, improves weight loss, moisturising and firming
approx. 60 min.  € 72,50


“Raffermissant” wrap

This treatment has a super tightening effect, increases energy, a vitalising wrap with spirulina algae. It doesn’t contain iodine.
approx. 60 min.
€ 72,50

Sea water “Oligogel” wrap

This treatment consists of ionised sea water from the Atlantic Ocean with marine gel particles. It helps to reduce stress, improves fitness, firming, stimulates the lymph, moisturising and remineralising.
approx. 60 min.  € 65,50

Relaxing and Comforting

Sea mud from the Atlantic Ocean

This treatment consists of a self-heating back compress with sludge from the Atlantic Ocean in combination with sea water substances (above all – magnesium, calcium and manganese).  It helps to reduce stress, relax muscles and provide essential minerals.  It promotes flexibility and encourages vitality
approx. 50 min.  € 41,50