Special wellness experiences

Hot Stones Massage

Massage with hot volcanic stones. Experience the soothing, warm energy from stones that are millions of years old, and feel how it flows through your body. Feel yourself relax and let go. Pamper your soul. Your skin is gently massaged with valuable oils and is soft and smooth
approx. 90 min. € 89,50
approx. 30 min. € 41,50 (only back)

Hot Chocolate Massage

Indulge yourself in chocolate without feeling guilty. Valuable properties from cocoa beans and Shea butter provide a soft, smooth skin. A unique experience with a warm and stimulating aroma
approx. 50 min. € 61,50

Acupuncture massage according to Penzel

The acupuncture massage according to Penzel comes from traditional Chinese medicine and means Meridian-Therapy. It has an influence on the lymph and blood circulation and results in energy balance when suffering from movement dysfunctions
approx. 50 min. € 59,50