Personal Training

Fit for Life

Our “Fit for Life” offer is included in our service

We offer daily changing training and gymnastic sessions in a group as follows:

  • Targeted vertebrae gymnastics and back training
  • Breathing techniques
  • Body-Flow and Body –Balance for a harmonising movement
  • Functional training for the whole body with and without equipment (i.e. Flexi-Bar, Deuser-Band)
  • Asian movement forms such as Yoga
  • Stretching for more elasticity
  • Light aerobic workouts and trends- also for beginners
  • Water gymnastics and Aqua –Fitness, from gentle exercise to stamina training
  • Various fat-burner programmes to help activate the lipometabolism
  • Various relaxation techniques such as progressive muscle tension release or breathing exercises
  • A general introduction to a healthy equipment training in our new gym, the Fitness and Cardio Park
  • Nordic-walking courses and tours
  • Guided walks out in the countryside, from easy going to challenging