4 Erfolgspfeiler

The 4 basic elements


The diet:

Calorie-reduced diet, balanced acid-based diet, free from animal protein, fat and salts, this enhances the metabolism.

The detox body wraps:

In the early hours of the morning each guest receives a full body wrap. This causes an increase of the peripheral circulation and stimulates the body’s metabolism. In return a complete body cleansing takes place.

The regulated fluid intake:

The medically prescribed rhythmic change of fluid intake, named “dry” days and “drinking” days stimulates the healing powers and detox process. Spa water and teas, fruit juices and dry organic red and white wines are offered during the diet. This is important for the body tissue drainage.

Rest and exercise:

Combined, this optimises the effects. Exercise outdoors and relaxation for mind and soul helps the body to regenerate.