Therapeutic fasting according to Johann Schroth

a contemporary detox cure

They say that whoever has tried the Schroth Cure knows why it is said to have healing powers. It is a classical, medically recognised naturopathic treatment which triggers off a complete body cleansing process. Weight loss and detoxification induce a feeling of well-being and regeneration of both mind and soul.

The “Original Oberstaufen Schroth Cure”, which Johann Schroth developed over 180 years ago, has been carefully tailored to our present day demands. This was necessary so that the doctors could treat their patients individually, to suit their needs. Even so the ground rules and treatments haven’t changed.
The founder, Johann Schroth, was the first to realise how important the body’s self-healing powers are. People who are ill can relieve their metabolic system by fasting, helping their digestive system, setting energy free, which in turn causes a natural regeneration.

Fast-food during your break, a quick drink to help deal with stress and snacking in between meals is typical behaviour of our present day. The result is constant weight gain, lack of energy which eventually leads to chronic illnesses. An unhealthy, unbalanced diet can lead to heart attacks and strokes, diabetes, obesity, gout and rheumatism. The fact that the Schroth Cure can break this viscous circle has been confirmed over the years.


In-house Doctor’s medical practice

Our in-house Doctor will advise you through your Cure and medical check-ups are also available.